Larivière Präsentationsysteme GmbH Adopted QUBYX DICOM Calibration Application
for Projector Calibration.

Nice, France, February 11, 2008—QUBYX Software Technologies, a source of medical imaging and color management products, today announced that Larivière Präsentationsysteme GmbH, a projection solutions provider for the medical and prepress market, will bundle QUBYX medical display calibration software with its projectors. This bundle combines the pristine image quality of Canon projectors and high quality of QUBYX medical monitor calibration tool to produce a high-functionality bundle aimed at radiologists' needs.


QUBYX developed a calibration and verification solution for accurate image viewing on projectors. This solution, sold by Larivière under the name Acuscreen DICOM, includes also hardware calibration for Canon projectors. The supported projectors are Canon SX6, SX7, SX60 and SX70. The QUBYX medical monitor calibration tool will create 10 Bit Look Up Tables for these projectors and upload them into the projectors themselves, using RS232 serial communication.


Maintaining peak output quality for medical imaging displays, in accordance with territorial DICOM calibration standards, is crucial for medical professionals.

"The high-quality projectors from Canon, combined with DICOM calibration software solutions from QUBYX, provide critical tools to the medical imaging industry," says Marc Leppla, director of QUBYX.

"Larivière has been working with QUBYX on developing solutions for our projectors," says Michael Beaugrand, business development manager, Larivière GmbH. "We value our relationship with QUBYX, and are happy that they have engineered functionality with our projector products for this visualization market. Developing quality solutions ensures we all meet and exceed the needs of our imaging customers."

About Larivière

Founded in 1997, Larivière Präsentationsysteme GmbH delivers presentation solutions to the medical community. The newly-opened Medical Digital Imaging business unit offers DICOM-compliant projection solutions to the radiology and mammography fields. Larivière offers a broad range of complementary and functionally rich products, installed at over 2,100 customer sites. For additional information, please contact Michael Beaugrand at 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。