Our goal is continuous improvement and high functionality, that is why we improved the existing and added the extra features to PerfectLum calibration and QA software for people to discover new opportunities. So, what’s new in this release: 


  • NEW YORK State Primary Diagnostic Monitors (NYPDM) regulation integrated. Read more here.



  • BT.1886 calibration type added.
  • Quality of graphic card calibration on mac is majorly improved.


  • Pehamed CD LUX / Pehamed CD LxPlus support improved.
  • DELL Ultrasharp displays support added (internal calibration: Dell UP2414Q, UP3214Q)
  • DIVA RAP2005SM, GUP2103, GUP2105 displays support added.

OS Compatibility:

  • Windows 8.1 compatibility added.
  • Mac OSX 10.9.4 compatibility added.


  • Task scheduling improved - performed tasks are now automatically deleted.
  • Updated all 6 languages.
  • Calibration and QA reports are improved.


Please be invited to find out more about previous PerfectLum versions here.


Feel free to download PerfectLum 3.8 for Mac or PerfectLum 3.8 for Windows to try out new functionality.

As always, we appreciate your feedback: please contact us at to tell what you like most about the latest PerfectLum version or to send comments and suggestions.