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PerfectLum & Xrite i1 Bundle

Bundle Xrite i1 Display Pro colorimeter with PerfectLum Calibration and QA software for DICOM GSDF, DIN 6868-57, AAPM TG18, IEC, JESRA X93 conformance.
Price: $789.00


PerfectLum Suite software performs calibration, acceptance and conformance tests, thus maintaning consistent performance of all medical workstations. The use of this software enables health-care professionals to keep their displays up to date with international quality standards. PerfectLum also contains built-in Remote Management. The Remote Management feature allows the system administrator to monitor and control displays located at multiple medical facilities from a central monitoring location.

PerfectLum software is compatible with almost any measuring device but Qubyx would recommend its customers to use the Xrite i1 Display Pro colorimeter as one of the best fits for PerfectLum.

Please note: there is no CD in the package - you will download the latest PerfectLum software from our downloads page here. When purchasing a license, please do not forget to include the type of operating system you use with your order.