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PerfectLum & Diva


PerfectLum software, which is collocated with Front Sensor and Palm Sensor, makes DIVA displays ideal for soft-copy reading and image interpretation. With their ALS (automatic luminance stabilization), DIVA displays are not only stable over time, but also capable of recreating the most subtle detail of a color or grayscale image, while PerfectLum software brings their performance to an even higher level, required by such standards as NEMA DICOM part 14 GSDF, AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, DIN 6868-157, JESRA X-0093 and others. Moreover, the software allows performing DICOM, Gamma and CIE L* hardware re-calibrations using the LUT (Look Up Table) of the display, including conformance tests and verification of luminance.


The DIVA models given below, coupled with a professional medical display calibration and QA software, produce the level of quality healthcare practitioners are looking for.

Monochrome models:

  • GET1905CMI
  • RAP2005SM
  • GUP2105NMI
  • RUP2105CMI

diva monocrome displays

Color models:

  • ROM770AMI
  • RAP1823AMII
  • RON950AM
  • ROM970AMI
  • ROM1900AMI
  • RAP1902AM
  • RAP1922AM
  • RON2000LM
  • GUP2103JMI

diva color displays


In order to offer a more refined image, DIVA Labs use advanced technologies in the process of production. The Real Sub-pixel Driver (RSD) technology, which performs a variety of reasonable adjustments to the grayscale values of the sub-pixels, results in an image that appears to have a three-fold increase in resolution, as well as a black and white contrast that appears more dramatic. The Diagnostic Contrast Enhancement (DCE) technology locates features on an image, calculates the statistics related to the black and white proportions on these features, and then performs contrast enhancement on them. The Digital Uniformity Compensation (DUC) technology compensates for the luminance of each sub-pixel's DDL (digital driving level) in a precise and uniform manner to the point that the luminance uniformity of the entire screen attains a rate of 95% or better. Contact us if you would like to purchase a bundle.


It is required by NEMA DICOM standard that ICC profiles be used for reviewing of color medical images. QUBYX PerfectLum generates version 4 ICC profiles to handle the wide array of colors Diva displays are capable of displaying. Users can calibrate to DICOM GSDF or CIE L* luminance response, at the same time correcting color temperature over the entire dynamic range, adjusting the white level, and creating an ICC profile for the display. The result is an extremely color-precise image that makes diagnostics more accurate and time-efficient.


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