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Geospatial intelligence systems guarantee security for the nation. Collecting and displaying strategic data, they provide necessary knowledge to military and reconnaissance agencies. Even a subtle detail of an image, missed or misinterpreted, could have a disastrous effect. That’s what brings the importance of a geospatial display into focus: GeoInt professionals cannot afford to have it perform poorly.


PerfectEPD is developed with NGA Display Performance Standard in mind: adjusting the luminance response on a geospatial display to the EPD curve, it ensures that each gray shade from black to white can be equally detected, thus making sure the monitor displays an image in fine detail. Moreover, there is no need to use costly specialized monitors, as PerfectEPD makes any high-end consumer display fit for geospatial imaging. As a vendor-neutral calibration software, it is compatible with nearly any LCD monitor commercially available.

With its display color calibration and ICC profiling features, PerfectEPD is a universal tool for both color and grayscale monitors. Displaying accurate colors, a PerfectEPD-calibrated display will produce an even more reliable picture for analysis.


PerfectEPD offers a set of features for full maintenance of a geospatial display. With its task scheduler, it is easy for a QA supervisor or user of a monitor to plan and perform regular calibrations and quality checks. Previous display maintenance is documented in history, where a detailed report for every operation is stored.

The software uses every resource of the hardware to improve calibration quality and speed. Using DDC/CI communication and hardware calibration (if supported by the display), PerfectEPD achieves even better results and stores calibration LUT inside the monitor itself, allowing it to remain calibrated even when connected to another machine. The smart calibration procedure includes verifying the calibration LUT: it will be applied only when its quality is proven high, otherwise the display will be reset to its previous state.


Even the most expensive professional geospatial display tends to degrade eventually in luminance and color, so it has to be replaced when its performance is no longer sufficient. Updating display hardware becomes a disturbing item of expenses, given the cost of a specialized geospatial display.

With PerfectEPD, it is no longer necessary to buy the costly specialized models. Using an EPD-calibrated premium consumer display can drastically cut down expenses without any compromise in image quality. Moreover, with regular calibrations the software feature increases luminance when it declines, extending display lifetime and keeping it within the requirements of Display Performance standard.


PerfectEPD is supplied with a free server software Remote Management, allowing to control performance of numerous displays from any location. An administrator account on a local network or the Internet enables the supervisor to schedule and start tasks for any display, as well as get notified if any task is failed. For Internet accounts, a reliable security system is used to protect the data flowing from user machines to the Remote admin account. In this way, client machines can remain unconnected to the Internet and still be managed from the web.


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