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About us


Founded in 2002, QUBYX benefits from extensive research, know-how and
innovation in digital color technologies. We develop custom-designed,
off-the-shelf and built-in software solutions for professional color management and display calibration, used in a number of industries, relying on image quality.


More than a decade of experience and continuous development have culminated
in the creation of the most accurate and money-saving calibration and color
management tools for medical imaging, geospatial visualization, prepress, and
creative industries. We are planning to make our professional color calibration
expertise available to high-end consumer TV display manufacturers and airport
security professionals.


QUBYX is operated by Marc Leppla, President and Chief Technology

Marc Leppla started as export sales manager for MIRO AG and QUATOGRAPHIC GmbH in Germany and then opened the French QUATO France sarl.  Mr. Leppla developed several products in the fields of color management and computer displays over the last 13 years and has extensive knowledge about color (see his website and software project management.